Bayer’s Integrated Weed Management (IWM) Program is a global approach to enhance agricultural productivity and secure food supplies in the long term by offering customized solutions for weed control and strongly promoting best management practices » more

Stories from the Field

Gordon Stoner and his family, Montana, U.S.

The Hidden Threat

Back in fall 2015 Gordon Stoner, a fourth-generation wheat farmer from Montana, had no documented weed resistance problem. But realistic as he is, Gordon knew resistance wasn’t a question of if but when.  » more

Generations of Clean Fields

An arable farm in Germany’s Rhineland; family owned since 1845; clean fields for decades: with integrated weed management practiced at Damianshof farm for generations, herbicide-resistant weeds are practically non-existent.  » more

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Argentinian farmer and agricultural advisor Santiago del Solar

The 21st Century Started in 2016

Argentinian farmer and agricultural advisor Santiago del Solar explains how a change of presidency opened up new options for tackling the growing problem of weed resistance in his country.   » more

Why Are Farmers Putting Their Livelihoods at Risk by Ignoring the Weed Resistance Threat?

Prof. Aaron Hager, University of Illinois, believes inconsistent messaging from weed scientists and the agrochemical industry is one of the reasons.  » more

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Launch of Bayer Innovation Academy for Weeds in Mexico

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Launch of Bayer Innovation Academy for Weeds in Mexico

Half of global food production is at risk due to weeds, pests and diseases. Reason enough for Bayer de Mexico to launch an Innovation Academy for Weeds. » more

Friday, September 30, 2016
IWM Symposium in Turkey

Valuable insights into weed resistance issues

Weed resistance is a growing problem in the wheat-growing region of Thrace in Turkey. So Bayer Türk organized a Symposium that brought together an audience of 100 academics and farmers to discuss the issues. » more

Weed Basics

Why is controlling weeds a global challenge?  » more

Bayer’s IWM Program

The way ahead in weed control.  » more
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