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Why are weeds a major threat
to productivity?

Bayer’s Integrated Weed Management (IWM) Program is a global approach to enhance agricultural productivity and secure food supplies in the long term by offering customized solutions for weed control and strongly promoting best management practices more

”We invest in finding the next generation of weed management systems”

Bayer is boosting its activities in herbicide research / Integrated Weed Management program promotes sustainable weed control / Working cross-functionally to tackle global weed resistance is key.

Arable Crop Day in Serbia: First industry event to raise resistance issue

400 farmers and other stakeholders attended the Arable Crop Day organized by Serbia in February 2017. It was the first event in the Serbian agricultural industry to raise the issue of Sorghum halepense resistance in corn.

Launch of Bayer Innovation Academy for Weeds in Mexico

Half of global food production is at risk due to weeds, pests and diseases. Reason enough for Bayer de Mexico to launch an Innovation Academy for Weeds. Its aim is to create an expert network of Mexican weed scientists and agronomists to further dialog and promote solutions in the weed field.

Serbian Farmers Need Sustainable Weed Control

In September members of the Weed Science Society of Serbia and other national and international participants presented their latest research findings and exchanged expertise and experience.

Stories from the field


Helping herbicides through harvest weed seed control

As a plant biology professor and an agronomist, Steve Powles knows from personal experience how troubling resistant weeds are for farmers.

Talking weed issues across continents

On a recent visit to Argentina Richard Hinchliffe met up with Santiago del Solar Dorrego and Fernando Garcia Frugoni.

“If it’s working, change it!”

Arable farmer Richard Hinchliffe has travelled the world to learn more about effective weed control measures.

Diversity in rotation, stale seedbeds & late sowing

Damien Beaujouan explaining to us why sustainable weed management matters to him.

Consistent Messaging Key to Change

Why are farmers putting their livelihoods at risk by ignoring the weed resistance threat?

Farming in Argentina - The 21st century started in 2016

Santiago del Solar explains how a change of presidency opened up new options for tackling the problem of weed resistance.