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Valuable insights into weed resistance issues



Weed resistance is a growing problem in the wheat-growing region of Thrace in Turkey. So Bayer Türk organized a Symposium that brought together an audience of 100 academics and farmers to discuss the issues.
Thrace (Trakya), the European part of Turkey located to the west of the Bosporus, is an important wheat-growing region where weed resistance has become a serious issue. That was why Bayer Türk decided to hold a Weed Resistance Symposium at Namik Kemal University in Tekirdağ on September 21. Local farmers and academics followed Bayer’s invitation to attend.

IWM program explained

The day started with an introduction to the topic of weed resistance from a global and local perspective and a detailed explanation of Bayer’s Integrated Weed Management (IWM) and how its application can help tackle the problem of herbicide-resistant weeds. Various keynote speakers – growers from Turkey’s Leader Farmers’ Association and academics from Namik Kemal University –detailed the local weed resistance issue and relevant soil preparation measures to reduce weed selection pressure and delay resistance evolution.

Kelt launched

The second half of the program commenced with a presentation of a new Bayer pre-emergence soil herbicide, Kelt®, which belongs to the HRAC K3 class and features a new mode of action. In combination with a strong IWM program, Kelt® can be used for long-term control of grass and broadleaf weeds that are resistant to ALS and ACCase herbicides, and in particular Lollium rigidum. For wheat farmers Kelt® is particularly interesting because its early weed control helps to save fertilizer and minimize post-emergence herbicide applications.

Successful IWM Symposium

After the Kelt presentation, a number of farmers were invited to share their experiences of fighting weed resistance in the Thrace Region. The Symposium was highly appreciated for its interactive format, sound science base and practical translation of IWM principles to bring innovative and sustainable weed control solutions to the market.