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Stories from the field

“If it’s working, change it!”

Arable farmer Richard Hinchliffe from Yorkshire, England, has travelled the world to learn more about effective weed control measures. He has radical advice on how best to avoid weed resistance issues.

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Diversity in rotation, stale seedbeds & late sowing

Damien Beaujouan explaining to us why sustainable weed management matters to him.

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The Transfer of Research

This is how Prof. Aaron Hager from Illinois wants to fight weed resistance and why consistent messaging could have an important impact.

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The Presidental Change

Read how the new president of Argentina gave the right impulse and totally changed the way they are farming.

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Generations of Clean Fields

Learn how a german family owned farm controlled the weeds for decades and stopped  resistance being a threat.

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The Hidden Threat

One Montana wheat farmer knows weed resistance wasn’t a question of if but when. Read how diversity is helping him fight off the hidden threat.

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