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How can science help to
delay weed resistance?


Driving weed resistance knowledge

The depth and breadth of resistance analysis expertise at Bayer’s Weed Resistance Competence Center (WRCC) is unparalleled in the industry. The WRCC specialists study weed resistance mechanisms and evolution in a field; test and develop new concepts and tools to manage resistant weeds; and communicate and share knowledge and solutions.

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Go on a virtual tour through Bayer’s WRCC in Frankfurt / Germany.


Our Mission: The Weed Resistance Competence Center provides the scientific foundation for understanding weed resistance and is the Bayer  Crop Science Division global reference center for weed resistance management.

How WRCC works

Unique diagnostics capabilities

At WRCC we use proven methods and innovative technologies for metabolic and target-site resistance analyses. Besides testing compounds to determine if resistance to a particular herbicide or herbicide class exists, we study herbicide metabolism and target-site mutations using the latest analytical technologies, molecular biology and genomics.


Key research areas

No other company routinely runs as many samples to analyze target-site mutations. To broaden our research capabilities, we conduct research projects with an extensive network of leading researchers, e.g. to identify genes responsible for enhanced metabolism, resistance evolution and its driving factors, and to develop field resistance test kits. We also support Bayer’s internal research work, e.g. in discovering novel herbicides and conducting field studies with existing products.

Practical recommendations

Our ultimate aim is to fully understand a field’s resistance profile in order to develop the best possible weed management strategy recommendations. A longer-term approach to managing weeds, and particularly resistant weeds, is the prerequisite for success.

Tackling the threat to reliable weed control

Global agriculture is now at a crossroads in weed control because of herbicide resistance. The lack of new resistance-breaking herbicides is a serious issue that threatens the sustainability of current agricultural production models. New and effective herbicides have to be found fast, which is why Bayer invests significant resources in herbicide discovery, weed resistance research, and the future of weed control. But lots of work remains to be done, and the challenge is difficult for any one company alone to handle. For that reason, Bayer enhances its R&D capabilities by entering into partnerships with leading scientists and institutes across the globe.



As Bayer’s global reference center, the Weed Resistance Competence Center is developing proactive programs that, when implemented locally, promote the sustainability of weed control. The WRCC is located in Frankfurt, Germany



Breaking the cycle

Key strategy: knowledge exchange



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Go on a virtual tour through Bayer’s WRCC in Frankfurt / Germany.
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How We Help Farmers?

See how Bayer’s WRCC is contributing to the global battle against herbicide-resistant weeds.