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Bayer focuses on at the 2016 Brazilian Weed Congress


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    09 Juni, 2017



09 June, 2017

The life science company will launch the “Diversity is the Future” theme during the 30th Brazilian Weed Science Congress, in Curitiba (PR)
Diversity is the Future. Bayer kicked off its integrated weed management initiative in Brazil with this motto during the 30th Brazilian Weed Science Congress, scheduled for Curitiba (PR), from August 22-26.

In addition to the initiative, the new pre-emergence herbicide Alion®–for coffee, citrus, and sugarcane–as well as the post-emergence herbicide Liberty®, which was recently extended for the soybean crop, and the LibertyLink® technology, inserted into the soy varieties Bayer markets, marked the pillars the company highlighted during the event.

On the sidelines of the congress, the company had space set aside for the Diversity is the Future initiative, which featured a lecture by Christine Brunel-Ligneau, global leader of this front, and showcased Bayer’s efforts in Digital Farming and Stewardship areas, as well as of the Expertise Center for Tropical Agriculture (CEAT), which is in charge of technological solutions aimed at tropical production systems.

“Integrated weed management is a method of fighting and preventing weeds by using treated seeds, crop protection products developed with an advanced technological profile, and customized services for the prevention of tilling, in addition to promoting the best management practices in the farmer’s daily activities. When it comes to managing weeds, preventing is better than treating”, said Mario Lussari, Bayer’s Herbicide and Growth Regulator portfolio manager.

Bayer’s team with resistance management experts was present at several lectures throughout the week:

Harry John Strek, the global leader of the Bayer Weed Resistance Competence Center, was one of the speakers at the opening ceremony, on the 23rd, and addressed The challenge of discovering new herbicides and bringing them to the farmers.

Marcel Sereguim Cabral de Melo, a Bayer weed resistance monitoring specialist, spoke on the New Resistance Issues in Brazil - Grasses panel (8/23), with a talk about Sourgrass resistance to the haloxyfop-methyl and fenoxaprop-p-ethyl herbicides in Midwestern biotypes.
Adriana Ricci, Bayer’s Stewardship Manager, addressed Opportunities for women in the weed science area during the Participants’ Luncheon (room 4, 8/23).

Rodolfo Carvalho Cesar San Juan, responsible for agronomic development at Bayer, spoke, on the New Herbicides panel (8/24), about Alion (indaziflam): Innovation for the sugarcane, citrus, and coffee crops.

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09 June, 2017