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“Mix it up” in Canada

Wild oat resistance has become a major threat in Canada, and with the advent of glyphosate-resistant weeds such as kochia and Canada fleabane, growers have become even more aware of the threat of herbicide resistance. A Mix It Up awareness Campaign and Weed Resistance Summit featuring high-profile experts and advocates for resistance management took place in 2014 and early 2015, and their inspirational advice is now being shared with agronomists and growers across Canada.

Moving from “Awareness to Action” through the implementation of Integrated Weed Management training and tool development is the latest evolution within the Mix It Up mandate. The upcoming focus will be on the financial costs of weed resistance and decision-making tools for Canadian agronomists and growers. Bayer is committed to partnering across the industry and with growers to ensure we can safeguard the usefulness of all herbicide groups and maintain a robust “tool box” for crop production. Get more insights into the Mix It Up initiative here.