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France – Capital Propreté Parcelle

“Capital Propreté Parcelles”, the responsible cereal herbicides’ management program initiated by Bayer in France, promotes seven key actions to be implemented for successful and sustainable weed management: crop rotation, use of a false seed bed, plowing, herbicide programs (one treatment in autumn followed by one treatment in spring), rotation of modes of action, full dose rate, and optimized herbicide application. To demonstrate in practice these best weed management practices, Bayer set up in 2007 a weed resistance management platform in Mer (41, Loir-et-Cher) focusing on ACCase-resistant black-grass management through implementing different agronomic tactics (plowing and false seed beds), introducing spring crops into the rotation, and testing different herbicide strategies. After seven years of rotation and cultural practices in Mer, the following key learnings have been obtained:

  • Black-grass infestation (measured in ears per m²) developed differently according to soil management strategies
  • With or without false seed beds the programs always enhanced yields
  • Plowing every three years with 1-2 false seed-beds before wheat resulted in reductions of 76% in the grass weed population over six years
  • With nine different modes of action in the rotation, the selection pressure of the same herbicides is greatly reduced; the efficacy of the products used at full dose rates was always higher than 99%, whatever the year.

Mer Id card platform (2007-2013):

  • Location: Roches near Mer, Loir-et-Cher (41)
  • Surface: 6 hectares
  • Soil type: clay loam overlying limestone
  • Topics: comparison of different herbicide strategies, crop rotations (oil seed rape and corn), soil management (plowing and false seed beds)
  • 3,000 visitors in five years
  • Partners involved: INRA, ACTA, ARVALIS

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