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Respect the Rotation in the USA

Respect the Rotation is an initiative preaching the power of diversity through rotation of crops, herbicide modes of action and herbicide-tolerant traits to promote efforts that help preserve the efficacy of all herbicide-tolerant technologies and herbicides. Glyphosate-resistant weeds are spreading at an alarming rate – from rampant infestations in the South to emerging populations in the Midwest. Respect the Rotation was developed to popularize a three-step practice that provides opportunities for herbicide diversity:

  • Rotate Crops: Crop rotation is a key component of the Respect the Rotation initiative, enabling herbicide diversity through the application of different herbicide modes of action across multiple crops.
  • Rotate Herbicide-Tolerant Traits: Herbicide-tolerant traits allow producers to use normally non-selective over-the-top herbicides without harming crops.
  • Rotate Modes of Action: The use of herbicides with different modes of action is essential to reducing the selection pressure on resistant weeds. The more often a single herbicidal mode of action is used on a field, the more selection pressure for resistance is applied to the targeted weeds, which increases the likeliness of the evolution of resistant biotypes.
Collectively, the combination of crop, trait and mode of action rotation is proving to be an important foundation of Integrated Weed Management (IWM) strategies. To explore the recommendations of the Respect the Rotation program, click here.